What are Hindu Squats or Indian Squats? Best way to do.


What are Hindu squats: Hey guys!! how are you doing? Today we will not talk about any disease or remedies. We are here today to tell you about the Hindu Squats or we say Indian Squats.

Do you know? Indian squats or Hindu squats are practiced by Indian wrestlers as part of their strength, fitness, and gymnastics training years. (What are Hindu squats)

This exercise is very easy to do and has lots of benefits which we will talk later about it.

There are som many types of squats that you can practice and these squats are strength exercise which builds strength in your body and in this exercise, a trainee lower their hips from a standing position and then stand up.

What are Hindu squats?

what are Hindu squats
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In this variant of squats, people use to sweep their arms out in front of them and then raise their heels off the grounds while doing squats. This exercise is used to test and improves your:

  • Coordination
  • balance
  • strength

Hindu squats differ from regular squats in many ways. The biggest difference is that They require sufficient balance and coordination to complete the movement and get up on their toes.

Hindu squats can be very easily done without using any equipment in a small space. You don’t have to sit or lie on the ground. (What are Hindu squats)

If a man or woman is unhappy with their butt shape they can perform Hindu squats(Indian squats) to get a tight, rounded, gluteus maximus.

The origin of Indian Squats is India. This exercise is practiced for centuries as a part of gymnastic training for Indian wrestlers.

What are Hindu squats benefits?

Doing Hindu squats regularly lets you know how your body moves and stays in balance. This will let you learn how to align your body properly to maintain balance and control of your body.

When you shift your whole weight on your toes, then your center of gravity moves too. So, you have to control your body and you just have to maintain stability during the exercise.

The movement of the pattern of a Hindu Squats improves your coordination.

what are Hindu squats
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Let’s know about the muscle targeted by the Hindu squats. Hindu squats target the lower body muscle. The muscle includes:

  • core
  • glutes
  • hip flexors
  • hamstrings
  • calves
  • ankles
  • shoulders
  • quadriceps

Hindu Squats brings a lot of improvement in your body some of them are:

what are Hindu Squats
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  • It improves strength
  • it improves hypertrophy
  • it improves flexibility
  • it improves balance
  • it improves posture
  • it improves calorie burning
  • it improves stability
  • it improves endurance
  • it improves mobility
  • it improves heart rate
  • it improves athletic
  • it improves strength and power for jumping, running, and sprinting.

How to do Hindu Squats?

How to do?

The steps to do Hindu squats are as follows:

  • Stand straight
  • keep your feet directly under your shoulder
  • Now, extend your arms in front of your chest
  • Inhale and lower your hips back and down toward the floor
  • By doing this lift your heels off the floor at the same time and reach your arms behind you.
  • Now enlarge your spine and engage your core as soon as you touch your hands with your heels. (note:- try to touch your hands with your heels. If you can’t reach then do it as much as you can without any stress)
  • Be in that position for some seconds.
  • Now exhale, and bring your body to a standing position.
  • With that lower your heels to the floor and raise your arms in front of your chest.
  • You have been returned to the starting position.
  • Repeat the squats and do this for 7-8 Squats and slowly-slowly increase the number of squats according to your comfort.

Precautions of Hindu squats

  • This exercise is a sitting and standing exercise so, it may be stressful for your knees. If you want to avoid injuries then you should try to do this exercise slowly.
  • This exercise can put additional pressure on your back like the deep squats. You are not advised to go all the way down. Firstly you have to try to strengthen your back and then try the full motion of the Hindu squats.
  • This exercise requires much coordination between your legs and hands. You have to understand the mechanism of how the feet lift and when they reach the ground.
  • If you ever have rotator cuff problems in history or you feel discomfort in your shoulder then you have to avoid doing arms movement i.e., don’t do arm swing.

why are Hindu squats effective?

Hindu Squats are effective because in this exercise both your hands and legs are used. So, your hands and legs are toned by doing it. It gives your butt the perfect size you want.

Are Hindu Squats bad for knees?

what are Hindu Squats

There is a question in everyone’s mind that does it harm our knees. Are Hindu squats bad for knees?

Let me tell you that one answer will not enough for all questions. because if you do Squats without any mistake correctly then it will strengthen your knees and will make them stronger and healthier. (What are Hindu squats)

This will also help you to decrease the knee issues in the future.

If you do Squats by the wrong process then it will cause you severe injuries.

You may modify these types of exercises to help those people who have different fitness levels.

How To Modify The Hindu Squat to avoid injury

  • How to modify for people suffering from back pain? :- This exercise is about how low you drop your butt to the ground while exercising. If you can go less then it is great, but if you have a problem back then you may not be comfortable doing this, So, try to go as much as you can.
  • How to modify for people suffering from knee pain? :- Knee problems can occur during the move when you lower your body and push your body up. To avoid this go slow at the beginning and bend as much as you can, you can also wear a knee brace which will help you with many knees problem
  • How to modify for people suffering from shoulder problems? :- If you ever have rotator cuff problems in history or you feel discomfort in your shoulder then you have to avoid doing arms movement i.e., don’t do arm swing.

Hindu squats gif

Here is the gif of Hindu squats if you found the problem understanding then watch this gif which will help you to understand properly.

Hindu squats

Other variants of Squats

  • Bodyweight Squats
what are Hindu Squats
Background photo created by drobotdean – www.freepik.com
  1. Basic squats
  2. Wall Squats
  3. Prisoner Squats
  4. Side Squats
  5. Pistol Squats
  6. Single-leg Squats
  7. Pile squats
  8. Squats with knee drive
  9. Side-kick Squats
  10. Split Squats
  11. Curtsy Squats
  12. Frog Squat
  13. Squat Walk
  14. Squat jacks
  • Weighted Squats

what are Hindu Squats

  1. Overhead squats
  2. Landmine Squats
  3. Dumbbell Squats
  4. Front Squats
  5. Goblet Squats
  6. Bulgarian Split Squats
  • Plyometric Squats
  1. Jump Squats
  2. Jump squats on toes
  3. weighted jump squat

and there are many more squats...


Squats are a very easy and beneficial exercise that everyone can do. Even those people who are suffering from Back pain, knee pain, and shoulder pain can do this exercise by modifying this.

Hindu Squat helps you for reshaping your butt, losing weight, build muscle, and many more. (What are Hindu squats)

You should add this exercise to your daily workout routine for better healthy living.

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