Let's know about Thyroid

The thyroid is an endocrine gland responsible for the production of thyroid hormones.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, about 20% to 76% of adults are found to have thyroid nodules during an ultrasound.

concerned about Thyroid nodules

Most thyroid nodules are benign or non-cancerous. According to the Cleveland Clinic, only about 3 out of 20 thyroid nodules are malignant or cancerous

According to the university, thyroid cancer can make you uncomfortable when moving your head and swallowing food. If you experience these symptoms, please contact your doctor immediately.

Treatment of thyroid nodules

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, your doctor might advise monitoring the identified nodule over time and assessing its growth and symptoms.

Your doctor might also recommend thyroid hormone therapy if your diagnosis reveals a dip in your thyroid gland's ability to produce enough hormones, which is known as hypothyroidism.

You may also need a surgical procedure if large multinodular goiters develop due to your condition, constricting airways, the esophagus, or blood vessels, per the Mayo Clinic.

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