These health issues could lead to depression

It is not easy to live with chronic diseases!!


 It has been revealed that one third of those affected with chronic diseases face depression at least once in their lifetime.

Various common chronic diseases that can lead to depression are

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1. Diabetes

It must be noted that type 2 diabetes is a chronic issue that affects insulin production. Point is that the overall complications could worsen the symptoms of depression.

2. Arthritis

Arthritis and depression would occur in a person at the same time. It is important to treat depression or else it could result in issues like more pain, sexual dysfunction etc.

3. Heart failure

There is a direct link between depression and heart failure. It has been found out that around 20 to 30% of patients with heart failure issues would be fighting depression

4. Kidney diseases

Many kidney disease patients would also have issues like anxiety disorder, depression and cognitive impairment etc.

5. Thyroid

Thyroid hormones get regulated by the presence of thyroid glands in us. Those who have severe thyroid disease would show mood swings to a huge extent.

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