Let's know about taking Paxlovid 

A new study warns the oral anti-viral COVID treatment Paxlovid can negatively interact with common heart medications.

The review paper says interactions between Paxlovid and certain blood thinners can cause an increased risk of bleeding.

When combined with some cholesterol medications such as statins, it can be toxic to the liver. Interactions with certain blood pressure medications could cause low blood pressure, flushing and swelling. 

Mercer County Health Department Administrator Bonnie Allen says it’s important to talk with your doctor about your medications before taking Paxlovid.

“Remind them that you’re on a statins or a blood thinner or an anti platelet aggregate. Or any kind of heart medication because it can aggravate and work against you,” said Allen.

Allen says the elderly may find themselves taking Paxlovid as treatment for COVID due to its success rate with those who are older.

The news comes just days after the White House made a renewed push to encourage Americans above the age of 50 to take Paxlovid or use monoclonal antibodies if they test positive and are at risk of developing severe disease..

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