Thanksgiving feast caused Bloating and heartburn

The term "food coma" gets thrown around recklessly after big meals,

But nowhere is the phrase more apt than after a few heavy platefuls of Thanksgiving grub and a smattering of desserts packed in for good measure.

By late November, the accumulated stress of the year usually creates a perfect storm for people to let loose for a holiday centered on eating.

The obvious downside to taking in all that flavor — a lesson learned and forgotten annually — is that it can leave the stomach in a frightful state.

Most people talk a big game about their plans of attack when loading up a Thanksgiving plate

But few play the long game to ensure that the rest of the holiday weekend isn't marred by lethargy and indigestion.

Tips to reduce the common discomforts associated with overeating during the holiday

Stay hydrated It's a good idea to drink plenty of water ahead of big meals. This will prevent your body from leaching fluid from elsewhere on the body, resulting in dehydration and loss of energy.

Don't overload on high-fat, high-fiber foods Having too much fiber — like broccoli, beans, brussels sprouts and peas — puts more strain on the body to digest these foods.

Practice mindful eating and chew slowly Mindful eating paying attention to bodily sensations and thoughts about food before, during and after meals.

Take peppermint and ginger to ease the stomach It may aggravate heartburn if that is the main symptom, but once that has settled down, oil will help relieve the other issues, including nausea.

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