get credit  card with   no credit  score

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Student card

This type of card is offered to college students who may be new to credit. They may have student-friendly terms, such as rewards and no annual fee.

These cards require a security deposit, often equal to the credit line. Secured cards are designed for people with bad credit as well as people with no credit

secured Card

Retail Credit Card

These cards are offered by a particular retailer. They often have low barriers to approval. so it may be possible to qualify for a retail credit card with no credit.

Fixed Deposits Card

These credit card required some amount of money to deposited in your bank account to get credit card with no credit score.

First credit card

– Social security number (SSN) or an individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) – Source(s) of income  – Monthly housing or rent

Right Type of Credit Card

Cash back credit cards Travel rewards credit cards Secured credit cards Student credit cards Business credit cards Low intro rate credit cards

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