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Signs of developing PTSD

If you have been in a car accident, you can expect to feel some degree of fear in the days and weeks after the accident.

Signs of PTSD Including being in a constant state of hyper Vigilance, having intrusive thoughts about accidents (in the form of unwanted memories and nightmares)

When avoid situations that remind you of the trauma that’s why drive a car or ride in a car.

After a traumatic accident, it is tempting to deal with the fear by avoiding the dreaded trigger.

That’s why people end up not driving his 10 years,” he says Acierno. As Lohr said, “Fear feeds avoidance.”

Instead, the best treatment for PTSD caused by car accidents is the so-called Graduated exposure therapy secure and structured, and systematic way to reduce their fear response.

“Treatment without that exposure won’t help you,” Asierno said.

How therapy can help

PTSD treatment can be done in 4-5 courses for him. Moon By attending weekly sessions.

When there are complicating factors, such as past trauma Or if you lack support at home, treatment may take some time, but it won’t last forever.

It took me years to recover from PTSD because I didn’t have the support and resources I needed.

Recovery has been an ever-swinging pendulum, oscillating between an overwhelming fear of cars and an intense desire to live a normal life again.

But Walking around my neighborhood required a lot of time and attention when crossing streets and intersections.

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