Health Officials urge to get Booster Dose

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Bartholomew County health officials are urging people to get the updated COVID-19 boosters targeting the most common omicron strains

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Here's What Booster Does 

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Their hope is that the new boosters will help stave off a repeat of the previous two winters, when surges in COVID-19 infections pushed the local health care system to its limits.

Facts and Figure about Booster

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At least 2,560 COVID-19 booster shots have been given to Bartholomew County residents since federal regulators gave the updated boosters the green light at the beginning of September

Facts and Figure about Booster

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According to the most recent figures from the Indiana Department of Health. That amounts to about 3% of Bartholomew County’s total population.

Nearly 24,500 Bartholomew County residents have yet to get any doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

People are maybe overlooking (the booster) for many factors, either feeling like they don’t need to worry about it, or they’ve had COVID and so they feel like 


They have that natural immunity, or they’re tired of keeping up with the new rollouts and keeping up with the information as it changes.”

Currently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that anyone ages 5 years and up receive one does of the new boosters after completing their primary series.

The vaccines and boosters are available at local pharmacies, the Bartholomew County Health Department and CRH physician’s offices.

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