How does Mind work?


HOW TO CONTROL MIND: The subconscious mind is like software or robot whose programming is done by the conscious mind.

The subconscious mind is like a robot that cannot think of anything good or bad itself, it only works in an automated manner according to the programming already done.

Each of our thoughts has a significant effect on our subconscious mind or it can be said that whatever we think or do,

our subconscious mind gets programming, and then later slowly subconscious mind can control that function. Seems to be

Our habits and perceptions are also constructed in this way and later that habit is automatically controlled by the subconscious mind.

Why is it important to control the mind?

If a student does not control the mind, and whatever comes to his mind, he should do what he has done when he has watched TV.

When the desire to play is played, what will be the future of that child.

How many children do they have to fall for?

In the same way, every person who has an aim in life will not have control over his mind, so what will happen to him or there is also no AIM,

if you want to have happy health in your life then it is very important to have control over your mind.

Control Your Mind


If you want to control your mind, then you should understand your mind. Your mind works with two types of instructions. One from the mind and the other from the intellect.

Our mind is very powerful but our intellect is a million times more powerful than the mind. We can control our minds with our intelligence. Our mind and intellect are both very powerful. Let us understand this in detail.

We must learn to strengthen our intellect. With this, we can control our minds. We should strengthen our intellect by controlling our minds.

 We should learn and understand and bring it into our life so that we can strengthen our intellect more.

We should spend more time in understanding the mind. When our minds will be in our control. Then our Mind Automatic will be in our control. Now we can get our minds to do whatever it wants.

  • Mind


 The mind is the first director of our minds. Which is very powerful. The mind works according to our experience.

Our mind works as we have. Our mind gets attracted to small fun. Our mind only needs pleasure. Our mind always shows us the wrong path.

Just like we feel that today I will drink wine, our mind thinks that watching TV, our mind is attracted to sex, takes our mind on many such wrong paths.

Always works for temporary fun. We can explain this mind with our intellect.

The mind will have to speak – the point is right now, when I know what is right and I know what is wrong, then I have to bring the right one into my life.

 In this way, we can control our minds with our intelligence. Because our intelligence is a million times more powerful than the mind. You are unable to control your mind due to this mind.


How to control mind

 Wisdom is the second director of our minds. And our intellect is much more powerful than our mind. Our intellect shows us the right path.

We can control our minds with our intelligence.

Our intelligence works based on Fact Information and Knowledge. Our intelligence is strengthened only by putting the right things in our life.

We should learn as much as possible to control our minds. He should always bring it into his life. This makes our minds strong.

In our life, touch feeling is different in both our mothers and girlfriends.

All this happens with our intelligence because our intelligence knows that it is the mother and then our feeling is different and when we touch our girlfriends, there is a different feeling.

Our intelligence is so much stronger. Our mind that tells our mind, our mind accepts it. And that’s why both of them have a different feeling. In this way, we can control our minds.

Advantages of a stable and balanced mind

Have you ever seen mango guava and berries seeds? How does a small seed one day become a big tree? This is possible only when it is fixed in the ground.

But if we keep changing its place every day, it may not even grow. Finish getting a little bit. That is how our brain works.

To achieve any small or big goal in life, our mind needs to be stable and balanced.

Research shows that 40 to 50 thousand thoughts come to our minds every day. Out of which 95% of ideas are those which are of no use and this 95% views are repeated. Who visit our minds again and again.

How to control mind

Nearly 80% of our views are negative daily. And these thoughts change every second and there are small thoughts as well. Mangoes and berries are like seeds. Unless we focus fully on one idea, it will not become a big tree.

For example, the bulb was invented by Thomas Edison. He was failed 1000 times in this work. If he too kept changing his thoughts every minute and gave up, could he invent the bulb?

When you remain fixed on your goal and remain focused, then your mind starts giving more solutions than one.

Why more thoughts come to mind?

Before knowing How to control your mind, you have to understand the thoughts of your mind, what kind of thoughts come into your mind? Positive thoughts, negative thoughts, Egoistic thoughts, jealous thoughts, anger thoughts.

There are different ways of stopping/ balancing different types of thoughts. Just like if you get negative thoughts then it means that you hear negative things in your family around you and live in a negative environment.

So you have to change the atmosphere of your house or you have to go somewhere else and it is very difficult to explain all the people.

If you get egoistic thoughts then you should read the biography of great men, do yoga and meditation.

All people have different ideas in their minds. The person who lives in the environment. The same kind of thoughts come into his mind, the more information we put in our mind. Therefore, we should try to know only those things which are of our use.

How to control mind

For example, if you make a distance from your mobile, tv, computer, etc. for a week, then you will see the number of thoughts coming to your mind will be reduced by half.

There are many ways to reduce the thoughts that come to mind. Uch as practicing yoga, meditation, positive thoughts, living a life of quietness,

acquiring information about only those things which are necessary for us, making the environment around us positive, negative thoughts. Making distance from individuals, reading thoughts and biographies of great people, etc.

One thing to always remember is that the more positive a person is, the fewer thoughts come to his mind.

Can we control our minds?

“NO” If if answering in easy language. You cannot control the thoughts of your mind, but through practice, you can give the right direction.

To keep your thoughts in the right direction, always keep a target in mind and set a target for yourself as soon as you wake up every morning.

Initially, you will have some trouble achieving your target for a few days but later you will get used to it.

According to science, it takes 21 days to form any habit, which means if you do any work continuously for 21 days, then it will become your habit.

How can I stop thinking at all?

No person can control his thoughts at all.

Controlling thoughts does not mean that no thoughts come to mind.

By controlling the mind means to give the right direction to your thoughts, bring only those thoughts in your mind that can lead you to your goal.

Now know by which you can control your thoughts.

How to control mind in just 10 ways list.

  1. Increase your resolve power to control your mind, you have to take small steps.
  • Set small goals daily and accomplish them.
  • Like today I will not even touch mobile from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
  • Today I will wakeup at 5:00 am.
  • Today I will not sleep during the day, whatever happens.
  • Today I will not run youtube during the day, I can run other apps.
  • When you make small goals like this and fulfill them, it will increase your confidence.
  • When confidence increases, one’s thoughts become stable.
  1. Build up your confidence
  • There are many ways you can boost your confidence.
  • Make a habit of doing your work yourself.
  • Devote yourself positive affirmation daily before bed and after getting up.
  • Please help at least one person during the day.
  • Take care of yourself.
  • Keep your hair organized, wear neat and clean clothes.
  • Try to improve your skills daily.
  1. Speak less
  • It is necessary to speak but it is not necessary to speak everywhere.
  • It is not necessary to give your reaction to everything.
  • Whenever you have to answer something, then keep calm for 5 seconds, so that you can understand the situation.
  • Sometimes, in hurry, we say something that makes the person in front unhappy. To avoid this, take a break of 5 seconds before speaking.
  1. Think about your goal

Think about your goal whenever you are free, think about the work you want to do.

Think about the problems in your work and how to overcome them. By doing this you can avoid negative thoughts or unnecessary thoughts.

Think about what skills you need to achieve your goal and how you can improve them.

  1. Schedule your routine
  • When your routine is set and you know what tasks you have to do, then you have less difficulty in doing those tasks.
  • When a person is suddenly asked to do something, he is shocked and there is a flood of thoughts in his mind. So before bed at night or as you wake up in the morning, make your routine in bed what you have to do today.
  • By having a list of tasks throughout the day, you work more and fatigue is also reduced.
  1. Do yoga and meditation

How to control mindHow to control mind


  • Yoga and meditation is the best way to control your thoughts and overcome yourself.
  • Yoga and meditation do not affect overnight. It takes some time.
  • If you do yoga and meditation daily the within 3 to 4 months you will start be felling a strange pleasure in you.
  • Scientists have also found that humans doing yoga and meditation for a long time have very low tension.
  • Positive thoughts come from yoga and meditation and negative thoughts are reduced.
  1. Read good and great person biography

How to control mind

  • When a person does not have any new and good information, then there is a flood of thoughts in his mind.
  • Therefore, you should read the books of a great person every day for at least half an hour.
  • You can read a biography of a person or a book that implements a skill. Somebody has said that 10 minutes spent with a great person is equal to your months of study.
  • A good book can give you the experience of that person’s entire life.
  • You can apply it to your life.
  1. Keep yourself busy
  • An empty mind is the house of the devil. A person sitting empty thinks about the simple things.
  • If you are sitting empty, then make good use of the time so that your mind will not think about things here and there.
  • In my spare time, you can play games of mind exercises like chess, English spelling game, and many more.
  • You can read any good book in your free time. You can talk to a friend in your free time. Think about your goal.
  1. Creat good habits
  • Reading newspapers daily, writing a diary or writing a poem, gardening, putting flowers on the balcony, washing your clothes, etc.
  • Good habits calm your mind.
  1. Talk to a stranger every day
  • Never leave your mind alone and keep him busy with some work.
  • There is no better technique than self-control.
  • Try to talk to any stranger sitting on the train, metro, bus, or auto while coming and going to the office.

How to set your mind on something?

How to control mind

HOW TO CONTROL MIND: In life, we have to fight two types of battles. One from myself and the other from this world.

If you do something that you do not mind doing, then you will have to fight both battles, but if you do something that you enjoy doing, then you do not have to force yourself to do that work.

Only you have to fight the outside world and the chances of you are more. So if you want to concentrate on your more. So if you want to concentrate on your work.

So the simplest way is to do the same thing as your mind. But if you can’t do this, then Lord Krishna has given two ways of How to control your mind and those are two ways.

  1. Practice
  2. Disinterest
  • Practice

When you do something that you do not mind doing, then you have to hold your mind and put it back in your work, for example, a horse is very playful.

To ride a horse for the first time, the carrier has to struggle hard but once in the bus, the horse moves according to the gestures of its owner.

That is how our mind works. We have to practice a lot to focus on anything. It is not night and night work. Yoga, meditation, and good books help you with doing work.

  • Disinterest

Once the restlessness is controlled by the mind, it does not go on the wrong path again, for this we need quietness.

Vairagya means to stay away from attachment, illusion, greed, work, etc.

Our mind is always attracted towards understanding our mind that this is a myth, they have no essence, so to keep the mind under constant control, we have to adopt a life of disinterest.

Does meditation change your brain?

  1. Meditation increases the distance between your mind and your mind. Which makes your brain listen less to your mind.

You have complete control over this, due to which you feel lighter and the speed of your thoughts decreases.

  1. Try to understand by example- Suppose you are standing in traffic, you will feel very bad, you will get angry and you will get irritable, but if you see this traffic from above in the sky, then you will feel good.

Your feeling will be different, you will not get angry at all. Because there is a distance between you and the traffic, that means you are not in that trouble.

  1. The same thing applies to the mind as well. Through meditation increases concentration because it increases the distance between your mind and intelligence.

When you do some work, you do your thoughts diligently, your thoughts do not bother you much.

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