HOW TO BUILD SELF CONFIDENCE IN JUST 10 WAY: One cannot deny that self-confidence is a very important quality to achieve success in life.

You will see this quality in every person who has reached a point in life, whether it is a film-star, a cricketer, someone in your neighborhood, or a teacher teaching you.

Confidence is a quality that exists in everyone, less in someone or more in someone. But it is important to increase your present level of confidence to a new and better level.

And today on AKC I will share with you some similar things which can help increase your self-confidence.

What is self-confidence?  

HOW TO BUILD SELF CONFIDENCE                         

HOW TO BUILD SELF CONFIDENCE: Belief in yourself, belief in yourself. A person who does not believe in himself can never succeed.

It is very important to have confidence in yourself to be successful. If we believe in me that I can do this work, then we will complete it.

 But if it is already in the mind that I do not know whether I will be able to do this work or not, no matter how much I try,

I will not be able to start the work. Even if you start under compulsion, you will never be able to achieve success.

It is this self-confidence and courage that makes us worthy to live in this society and this world. It is our courage and self-confidence that inspire us to live in negative situations.

 Many times our lives suffer a lot, but we do not lose our courage by tolerating that unbearable state because there is some hope on which we can live our life.

What is the importance of self-confidence?


HOW TO BUILD SELF CONFIDENCE: Everyone wants to know how to build self-confidence but, you know what is the importance of building self-confidence?

So let’s know the importance of building self-confidence.

In the present time, if we have to get something, do something in any field, we have to live life happily, then all of them must have confidence.

Confidence is the power through which we can do anything. With confidence, our will power increases and our power increases with will power.

Emerson’s statement is– “Not many people lose in all the wars of the world, as much as by mere panic.” Therefore, by keeping faith in yourself, you can easily do the biggest work in the world and make your life successful.

The bee collects honey from each particle. He does not get his stock from anywhere. The honey in his hive is a result of his confidence and hard work.

God has granted infinite powers to all in the world. There is something special in everyone. All that is needed is to recognize that special power inside you, to enhance it.

What other people can do, why can’t you do the work? Trust yourself, then the world will also trust you.


Mahatma Gandhi too jumped into the freedom struggle by making weapons of truth and non-violence on the strength of this confidence.

He eventually succeeded in cutting off the fetters of the nemesis of Mother India. Abraham Lincoln worked tirelessly to free the slaves from the clutches of the owners.

He wrote in his diary that I have promised my God that I will complete the work of the emancipation of slaves.

It was this confidence that helped Columbus discover America. Napoleon was enamored with this power and told his commander that if the mountain of the Alps stops our path,

then it will not remain and indeed that huge mountain was cut and made way.

Confidence is contained within a human being. You do not need to bring it from somewhere else. It is within you, just the need to strengthen your confidence by gathering the internal forces inside you.

So let’s check How to build self-confidence in just 10 way


1) Improve Dressing sense:

The way you dress up affects your confidence. Let me tell you that here I am talking about common people like me, great men like Swami Vivekanand and Mahatma Gandhi have nothing to do with this, and if you fall in this category then you too :).

I have realized this thing, when I am in my best attire then my confidence automatically increases, that is why whenever I have a presentation or interview, I prepare very well.

Looking good gives you the confidence to face people and on the contrary, you are very conscious of dressing poorly.

2) Do what confident people do

Such people will be seen near you, seeing that you will feel that this person is very confident. Look at such people carefully and include some of their activities in your life. 

3) Sit on the front seat.

Ask questions/answers in class, seminars, and on other occasions

Pay attention to the way you walk and sit

Do not speak in a suppressed voice.

Make eye contact, don’t steal the eyes.

4) Be better than most people in one thing

Not everyone can become an expert in every field, but he can choose two areas according to his interest, in which he can become better than others.

When I was in school, many students were good at studying and other things,

 but I was the best in class in Geometry (thanks to Papa :)), and that is why I used to feel very confident. And today I feel confident by making AKC one of the considerably most read.

If you achieve Maharath in any one thing, then it will make you in-general confident.

Just you have to choose something according to your interest and you have to be the best in your circle, your circle depends on you, it can be your school, college, your colony, or your city.

You can choose any field, it can be an art, music, dancing, etc can be a sport, can be a subject, or something in which your expertise can set you apart from the crowd and make you a special place.

This is not so difficult, you will already be better than many in something or the other, just work a little and become an expert in it, but it will take some time, but when you do this, everyone will respect you and you will be more will feel confident.

And the person who becomes special in any field is not worried about having less knowledge in other fields, you only think whether Sachin Tendulkar will ever get upset that he did not study much… never!

5) Recall your achievements

Your past achievements will help you feel confident. These can be any small achievements. For example: If you have ever come first in class, have done school top in a subject, have won a victory in singing completion or sports, have achieved a big target, have been an employee of the month. Anything that makes you feel good.

You can write these achievements in dairy, and you can see them anytime, especially when you want to boost your confidence.

An even better way is to make some images related to these achievements in your mind and add them to make a small movie and play it in your mind from time to time. This will help boost your confidence.


6) Visualize that you are confident

Your strong thinking finds a way to make a reality, so think of yourself every day as a confident person. You can imagine anything, as if you are standing on a stage, giving a speech in front of thousands of people, or giving a great presentation in a seminar hall, and all people are very impressed with you,

you are praised on every side. It is happening and people are greeting you with applause. Albert Einstein also described imagination as more powerful than knowledge; And you can do the biggest work by using this power.

7) Do not be afraid to make mistakes

Do you know someone who has never made a mistake? Would not know, because it is human nature to make mistakes, and I would say that birthright too. Use this right of yours. It is not wrong to make a mistake,

it is wrong to repeat it. As long as you do not repeat the same mistake again and again, you do not make any mistake, you make an effort and learn something from the experience that results from it.

Friends, many times everything happens in us that we should have to do some work, but still, we are unable to confidently do that work for fear of failure. Do not be afraid of making mistakes, you should be afraid of those who do not dare to try because of this fear !! See the history of all the successful people, and many failures will be hidden in the glare of their success.

Michel Jordan, considered to be the world’s best basketball player of all time; They also say that 

I have failed again and again in my life and that is why I succeed.

Do not hesitate to do anything, whether it is to stand up and ask a question, or to present yourself in front of many people, a little courage can increase your confidence manifold. Victory is beyond fear!

8) Don’t give the excuse of not knowing English for low confidence

English dominates our country. I also consider the knowledge of English essential, but just because of its knowledge you can read many good books, blogs, etc., you can watch programs, movies, etc. more than one. But is knowledge of this language necessary to be confident? No.

Knowing English can make you even more confident, but it is not necessary to be confident. The purpose of any language is to express your thoughts in words, and if you can do the same thing in another language, then you are not obliged to know English.

9) Do something that decreases your confidence again and again

Some people do not feel confident due to any particular reason. Just as some people have stage-fear, one becomes nervous in front of the opposite sex. If you are also facing such a challenge then beat it.

And the best way to beat is to do the activity that makes you nervous so many times that it becomes your strength. Be sure that even though some people take this effort lightly in the beginning and maybe even joke, but when you are constantly engaged in your efforts, then those people will one day stand up for you and clap.

A line from Gandhiji has always inspired me, “First they will not pay attention to you, then they will laugh at you, then they will fight with you, and then you will win.

” So you too let them ignore, laugh, let them fight, but in the end, you win. Because you are here only to win, not to lose.

10) Make special preparations on special occasions

Self-confidence is essential for success, and preparation for self-confidence – Arthur Ashe

Take full advantage of it whenever you have a chance to prove yourself. For example, You are participating in a debate, quiz, dancing or singing competition, giving a test or exam, or you are giving a presentation,

or organizing a program. For every such opportunity, get involved with life and just make sure that you have not missed any preparation, now whatever the result, no one can raise a finger on you for your preparation.

Preparation and self-confidence are directly proportional. The better preparation will be the better self-confidence, and when you succeed because of this preparation, then this victory will become another chapter in the success story of your life which you can read again and again and boost your confidence. Can.


Daily Complete your MIT

HOW TO BUILD SELF CONFIDENCE: A few days ago I wrote about MIT ie Most Important Task on AKC, if you have not read it, then definitely read. If you continue to complete your daily MIT, then your self-confidence will increase in a few days.

Whenever you complete your MIT, look at it as a small success and praise yourself for this task. Keeping up with your important tasks successfully daily is probably the most effective way to boost your confidence. You must try it.

Friends, remember that your confidence does not depend on your education, your financial condition, or your looks and no one can make you feel inferior without your permission.

Your self-confidence is very important for your success, and today whatever your confidence level is, with your efforts you can take it to new heights.

A robot called “subconscious mind” controls an important part of our life and this robot is controlled by the programming done by the conscious mind. The programming idea of ​​this robot comes from the seed, so success depends on what ideas we choose and what kind of software we install in our subconscious mind.

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