Eat these 20 food to keep healthy hair


Food to keep healthy hair: What do you do when your hair starts getting dry like dry straw?

Well, it is a good idea to go to an expensive salon quickly in case of such a condition of hair.

But the truth is that you have to manage such a condition of hair on your own always, it is very expensive to take care of and maintenance of the salon every time.

Food to keep healthy hair

So why not do something at home so that the hair is good and healthy. First of all, find out the reason for your hair deterioration.

In some recent studies, it has been found that men have hair fall due to some common reasons like

lack of proper eating, vitamin deficiency, genetic causes, excessive stress and anxiety, long-lasting disease.

For example, typhoid, anemia, dysentery, and jaundice, etc. or lack of proper blood circulation in the body.

Which food causes hair to fall?

There are many reasons for hair loss. In many people, it is genetic, and many times hair loss also starts from eating and drinking things.

Do not eat things that cause allergies. Also, avoid eating alkaline and acidic food items.

– Hair loss also comes from sugar. Experts believe that sugar produces insulin and the male hormone androgen.

which shrinks hair follicles and causes hair loss. However, research is still going on on this.

– Eating fried things also causes hair to fall. High-fat content leads to an extremely high level of testosterone hormone which causes baldness in men.

This food causes hair fall

Food to keep healthy hair

Cakes and pastries

Cake and biscuits are made by refining the flour. It contains a high amount of sugar and low fiber.

Food to keep healthy hair

These foods are indirectly responsible for hair loss, as the sugar in them reduces the capacity to take stress which causes hair loss.

Dairy products

You will be surprised to know that dairy products can also be responsible for your hair loss.

The milk we get now is pasteurized. This pasteurized milk blocks the pores. This causes hair to fall along with thinning.

Diet Soda and Cold Drinks

Diet soda and cold drinks – Carbonated drinks have higher acid formation and sugar percentages.

Food to keep healthy hair

This increases the level of sugar in the blood. According to the research of Dr. Markola, increasing the level of sugar in the blood increases the problem of baldness.

11 food to keep healthy hair

There are many reasons for hair loss, but where are the measures to prevent them.

But to stop hair fall, sitting on oil and shampoo alone can not be right.

You may have tried these things too!

Food to keep healthy hair
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If even after this, under the shower, you are surprised to see the hair falling in the dressing room, now you need to adopt something else.

For this, you do not even need to stop hair oil and shampoo, medicine.

Because hair like other parts of our body also needs nutrients like vitamins, minerals. Therefore, we should also make some changes in food and drink.

So let’s know about foods that benefit hair (Food to keep healthy hair)

Non-veg Food: Food to keep healthy hair

Eating protein-rich foods is good for hair. Hair experts point out that hair is mainly made up of protein, so the intake of protein will also improve hair quality.

Food to keep healthy hair
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However, this does not mean that you should eat meat every day.

Men should take about 50 grams of un-fat protein every day, which may include fish, Indian salmon, eggs, chicken, etc.

Veg Food: Food to keep healthy hair

Sprouts are found to contain an important nutrient called silica which plays an important role in preventing hair loss.

Silica also helps in absorbing vitamins and minerals, so unless you have silica in your diet, there is no benefit from eating vitamins.

Food to keep healthy hair

Our hair grows from the hair follicles that form the root of our hair, which needs silica to grow new cells and new healthy hair.

You can get the amount of silica from sprouts, cucumbers, and red and green chilies.

Carrots are rich in vitamin ‘A’. Its intake is important for the growth of head cells.

It is not only for the eyes but also carrots, rich in vitamin ‘A’, provide good nutrition to the scalp. This in turn will help to make the hair shiny and well-grown.

Vegetables can get protein from soy-based products, yogurt, beans, and almonds.

Fruits and vegetables, whole grains, green peas, and low-fat dairy products are balanced diets that are great boosters for healthy hair.

Sea Foods: Food to keep healthy hair

Many men who are troubled by falling hair may lack zinc. Zinc is found in abundance in seafood.

This is why it is very important for a person troubled by falling hair to include seafood in their diet.

Sulfur is found in abundance in fish which is necessary for the maintenance of healthy hair.

Zinc-rich foods such as mussels, shrimp, and oysters can help prevent hair loss by strengthening hair follicles.

Dry fruits: Food to keep healthy hair

Some dry fruits play an important role in increasing iron, hemoglobin.

Experts show that when the level of hemoglobin in our body is correct, then oxygen reaches the entire body including the head.

Food to keep healthy hair
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It works to nourish and stimulate hair growth. Whenever you are feeling hungry, any dessert, dry fruits, and nuts such as dates, raisins, and almonds are a good choice.

Vitamin C increases the absorption of iron, so fruits like oranges, strawberries, and lemons should also be consumed to prevent hair fall.

A balanced diet is good for your body. Therefore, if these foods are not successful in stopping your hair from falling, then it will also serve to benefit.

If you consume them every day, then please tell us by commenting.

Omega-3: Food to keep healthy hair

fatty acids make your hair shaft. Not only this, it is good for the brain as well as beneficial for tissues and skin.

Omega 3 – is found in flax seeds, walnuts, salmon, tuna, college, Brussels sprouts, white mustard oil.

Eggs: Food to keep healthy hair

Hair is made of protein, therefore, a diet full of protein is very important for the overall health of the hair.

Food to keep healthy hair
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Protein deficiency can cause hair to become dry and weak. Lack of zinc can also cause hair loss and the scalp can become dry and scaly.

Eggs are excellent sources of protein. These contain zinc, selenium, and other healthy nutrients for hair, which are necessary to make hair healthy and strong.

Lentils: Food to keep healthy hair

Lentils contain plenty of protein, iron, zinc, and biotin. Apart from this, they also contain a good amount of folic acid.

Our body needs folic acid to improve the health of red blood particles and red blood particles carry oxygen to our scalp and skin. It is a great source of protein for non-meat eaters.

Greek yogurt: Food to keep healthy hair 

This superfood rich in thick protein is an important part of the Greek diet and other cultures since 500 BCE.

Greek yogurt contains vitamin B5, which increases blood flow to the scalp and encourages hair growth.

Spinach: Food to keep healthy hair

Lack of iron also causes hair loss. The hair follicle and roots thrive under a nutritious diet.

Iron deficiency causes anemia, which causes disturbances in the supply of nutrients up to the follicle and this affects hair growth, and hair loss also begins.

Spinach is the richest source of iron from plants. Iron helps the red blood particles carry oxygen throughout the body and provides energy to metabolism.

Food to keep healthy hair
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which makes hair growth and recovery work smoothly. Apart from iron, these green leaves contain folate, vitamin A and vitamin C and all these are very important for hair growth.

Spinach also contains sebum, which acts as a natural conditioner for hair. Its benefits do not end here.

Spinach contains omega-3 acids, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and iron. It is important to note that all these are important for the growth of hair, making them attractive, shiny, thick.

Oats: Food to keep healthy hair

To start the day, eating oatmeal at breakfast is a good option. Oats contain many nutrients and are a good source of vitamin B, zinc, and copper.

Food to keep healthy hair
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All these micronutrients are necessary to make hair healthy. Oats contain omega-3 fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFS).

which stimulates hair growth and makes hair thick and healthy. This diet is a good source of protein for vegetarians.

Black Sesame: Food to keep healthy hair

In traditional Chinese medicine, black sesame is used to increase hair growth and maintain the natural color of hair.

Because a good amount of copper and zinc are found in black sesame. Copper is essential for good body growth and hair growth.

Food to keep healthy hair
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Lack of copper can cause hair thinning and loss. Copper also maintains hair color and the hair does not become white before time.

On the other hand, zinc plays an important role in producing new hair cells. Zinc also helps to keep the work of the glands that release hair shine oil smooth.

9 fruits for hair growth

Avocado: Food to keep healthy hair

Vitamin E helps to repair and heal cells. Avocado contains vitamin E in plenty.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals and fights oxidative stress. For this reason, it protects the scalp from damage.

Avocado contains essential fatty acids, which play an important role in the formation of our cells.

Lack of essential fatty acids can also cause hair loss. So there is no reason not to include avocado in your diet?

Nuts: Food to keep healthy hair

Nuts are a low-calorie option for hair and easy to incorporate into the diet.

 They are rich in vitamins E and B, zinc, and essential fatty acids, which are necessary to make your hair healthy.

 Research has proved that pistachios help treat men with baldness. At the same time.

The oils present in walnuts provide essential elastin to the hair. Elastin makes hair soft and reduces hair breakage.

Amla: Food to keep healthy hair

Vitamin-E is found in amla. If Amla is used regularly in hair, it can help in hair growth.

According to research done on the rabbit, positive growth was found in the hair of the rabbit due to the vitamin-E present in the gooseberry.

Fresh organic sweet gooseberries in bowl
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Scientists believe that the use of amla increases the supply of glucose and oxygen in the hair follicles (hair follicles).

Also, Amla can help in hair growth by reducing the effect of oxidative stress in hair follicles. This activity can help hair grow.

The use of gooseberry can also reduce hair fall. According to one study, the decreasing number of dermal papilla cells found in hair follicles increases the risk of hair fall.

Amla extract can improve hair growth by increasing the number of papilla cells. The results of this study offer amla as a good option for the treatment of hair loss.

Walnut: Food to keep healthy hair

Walnuts in dry fruits are not only essential for lowering cholesterol and keeping weight under control, but also have many more benefits.

According to recent research, the consumption of walnuts can remove hair-related problems such as premature white hair and dandruff.

In this research published on the DailyMail website, the experts of the National Hair Aware Campaign have made this claim based on their study.

According to hair expert Dr. Jain Wedston, “Walnuts are a great source of vitamins and minerals and it is this quality that we use to treat our clients.

Almond: Food to keep healthy hair

The nutrients found in almonds also provide health and hair strength.

Omega fatty 3 acids are found in sufficient quantity in almonds which corrects blood circulation in the body.

Food to keep healthy hair
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 It is also considered good for hair. You can add almonds daily to your hair for strength.

According to him, walnuts have an element called melanin which is to prevent hair from becoming untimely white. (Food to keep healthy hair)

It has ingredients called Vitamin E and Biotin which help in protecting hair color for a long time.

Due to lack of copper in the body, hair becomes premature white so consuming walnuts is considered beneficial for them.

Researchers believe that the consumption of this nutritive rich in nutrients like peritoneal, vitamin E, minerals, etc. can make all skin and hair related problems possible.

Orange: Food to keep healthy hair

Vitamin C and bio-flavonoids found in orange seeds speed up the flow of blood in your scalp, making hair healthy and strong.

Apart from this, the folic acid found in orange seeds also acts to strengthen hair growth and roots.

Grape: Food to keep healthy hair

In addition to vitamin E, grape seeds oil also contains vitamin C, B6, C, folate, etc. It retains the shine of hair and gives it strength.

Apart from this, it also contains potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and selenium.

It is also very beneficial from the point of view of hair health. Let me tell you that 100 grams of grapes contain 69 calories.

0.3 grams of fat, 0.6 grams of minerals, and 16 grams of carbohydrates. All these are very good for hair health.

Strawberry: Food to keep healthy hair

Strawberries can also prove to be a boon for hair. It is very important to pay attention to your diet to keep the hair healthy and prevent it from falling.

Red fresh strawberries with green leaves
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The loss of vitamin C in the diet also causes hair loss and breakage. In such a situation, you can stop hair loss by consuming strawberries.

To keep your hair healthy, you can make a hair mask by mixing the strawberry paste with olive or coconut oil and some honey. (Food to keep healthy hair)

This will reduce the hair fall as well as give the hair a natural glow.

You have already learned about the benefits of strawberries. Let us now talk about the nutrients present in it.

Guava: Food to keep healthy hair

Guava leaves are rich in vitamin B and vitamin C, just like guava. Their use increases collagen activity, which is considered essential for hair growth.

Food to keep healthy hair
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If the hair is falling very fast then the use of guava leaves gives relief to this problem. It also nourishes hair roots, which makes your hair look healthy.

Guava leaves have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which help to make the scalp clean. (Food to keep healthy hair)

Guava leaves also help in removing dirt, dirt, and dirt from the head. Not only this, the anti-fungal properties found in them control the growth of bacteria on the scalp.

An element called lycopene is also found in these leaves, which protects the hair from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Using guava leaves for hair care results in a very short time.

Does rice water grow hair?

The carbohydrate in rice water, called inositol, strengthens hair, reduces hair friction, and maintains hair flexibility.

Washing hair with rice water can be used as a shampoo or conditioner. Applying it to the hair maintains the natural glow of the hair. (Food to keep healthy hair)

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