Daflon 500 Mg review: Its use, side effects, Benefits and Dosage


Daflon 500 Mg: This medicine is used to treat diseases related to blood vessels, internal hemorrhoids.

Daflon 500 Mg
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Apart from this, it reduces the inflammation of the body by controlling prostaglandin. Depending on the health of the patient, the doctor may suggest other medicines along with this medicine.

This medicine is given very carefully to people suffering from kidney disease, especially sarcoidosis.

This drug is mainly found in Diosmin, which helps in reducing the discomfort associated with blood vessels.

In general, doctors use this medicine to cure diseases related to it, including varicose veins. Daflon 500 mg is used for acute and recurrent hemorrhoidal (Piles).

Hemorrhoidal disease is one of the common conditions in men. Recent research shows that 25 percent of the young population and 50 percent of the elderly suffer from the disease.

Dosage of Daflon 500 MG

What is the normal dose of Daflon?

 Acute Hemorrhoidal Attack: Take this medicine only according to medical advice. For adults, doctors generally recommend that in case of illness, six tablets are given daily for four days, followed by four tablets for three days daily.

Dose for children: Daflon medication is not recommended in children and children below 18 years.

Venolymphatic insufficiency:

 It is advisable to take one tablet daily, after breakfast.

Seek medical advice for drug supplements. The doctor suggests a dose based on the mental, physical health, age, height, weight, etc. of the patient.

What should I do in case of overdose or emergency?

 Gastrointestinal effects can occur in the event of an overdose. Diarrhea, nausea, pruritus, and rashes may occur with abdominal pain. It should consult the doctor if such symptoms appear in the body.

What to do if a dose of Daflon is missed?

 If you forget to consume Daflon, take it as soon as you remember the dose. However, if the time for your next dose is nearing, then instead of the forgotten dose, consume the following amount at the pre-determined time. Do not consume two amounts simultaneously.

Daflon 500MG Tablet Composition

Daflon 500mg Tablet is composed of the following active ingredients.

 Diosmin 450 MG + Other Flavonoids Like Hesperidin 50 MG


Use of Dalfon 500MG Tablet

How should one use Daflon?

This medicine is consumed orally with water. Take the medication as recommended by the doctor. Long-term consumption of the drug and consuming it in large quantities can cause side effects.

Therefore, it is important to seek medical advice. If you want to take this medicine, you can consume it immediately after eating food.

By doing this, you can avoid irritation in the stomach. Do not chew the medication. If you see any side effects, then You should seek medical advice.

At the same time, starting and stopping medicine without medical advice can be harmful to your health.

Daflon medicine is used in these diseases

This medicine is considered to be very beneficial for treating diseases like Piles. It is very helpful in reducing inflammation inside the body.

Due to the recovery of blood circulation by using the medicine, internal wounds heal naturally.

The treatment of Verikos vein disease reduces inflammation and provides relief to the patient.

 This medicine is also used to treat Lymphedema disease. Due to this disease, the lymph nodes get blocked while the fluid remains in the affected area.

This medicine reduces the affected area’s inflammation and corrects the blockage while the patient gets relief from it.

Side effects of Daflon 500MG Tablet

 What are the side effects of Daflon?

 Consuming this medicine may cause some side effects to the patient. Therefore, It should consume this medicine very carefully.

If any side effects are seen after using this medicine, seek medical advice immediately.

Abdominal pain: After using this medicine, people generally complain that their stomach hurts. In particular, they complain of abdominal pain. If the pain lasts for a long time, it means that the medicine is causing pain.

 Diarrhea: Digestion problem is seen in some people. At the same time, symptoms like diarrhea and G. Machalana are seen in them.

Headache: Some people experience a headache after using this medicine, which persists for a long time.

It is not necessary that everyone feels these side effects. Contact the doctor if you have any problems.

Benefits of Daflon 500 MG Tablet

Daflon 500MG Tablet is used to treat, control, prevent, & improvement of the following diseases and symptoms. But keep in mind, do not take Daflon 500MG Tablet without consulting a doctor.

  • Varicose Veins
  • Swelling of hands, ankles, feet (Lymphedema)
  • Piles
  • Foot ulcer

Daflon 500MG Tablet Precautions

What should I know before using Daflon?

If you are already taking any medicine, tell the doctor about it even if it is a herbal supplement. So that doctors can avoid the reaction of drugs.

If you are allergic to any medicine or Daflon or the ingredients present in it, then inform the doctor about it to give a dose of keeping this in mind.

If you have had or are going to have any surgery, tell the doctor about it.

 Research conducted under Reproductive Toxicity Study has shown that consumption of this drug does not affect men and women’s fertility.

You can drive after taking this medicine.

Is it safe to take Daflon during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

Pregnant women need to be very careful while consuming this medicine. Currently, there is not much research available on the reaction of pregnant women to this drug.

Therefore, it would be right that pregnant women should not take this medicine. At the same time, women feeding their babies should also be cautious about taking this medicine and seeking medical advice before consumption.

The reaction of Daflon 500MG Tablet

Which medicines can react with Daflon?

This drug reacts differently to different people. In this case, Daflon should be used only after getting medical advice.

If you have a disease and are taking any other medicine and its treatment, tell the doctor about it. It is also important to say to the doctor about what you eat with medications.

Your doctor may change your diet for the best results.

There has been no research on the reaction of this medicine with other drugs.

Does Daflon react with food or alcohol?

 Consumption of alcohol with this medicine is not recommended. It can cause adverse effects. If you take the medication with alcohol and beverages, then it reduces its capacity.

Can Daflon Affect Health Condition?

 Kidney and liver disease: If someone is suffering from kidney and liver disease, he should carefully use the medicine.

It because everything you consume passes through the liver and kidney. In such a situation, if there is any problem with your liver and kidney, then your condition may become more serious.

 Hypersensitivity: The patient may have hypersensitivity due to the elements present in this medicine.

 Hemorrhoidal Attack: This drug is not used in other types of anal conditions except hemorrhoids. It is always used under short term courses.

Despite this, if the symptoms persist in the patient, then in those circumstances, the patient’s proctological examination is done. At the same time, treatment is also done accordingly.

Storage of Dalfon 500 MG tablet

How do I store Daflon?

Daflon 500 Mg
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It should store this medicine in a cool and dry place. Keep the medicine at room temperature and try to protect it from the rays of the sun.

30-degree weather is best for treatment, but do not make the mistake of keeping it in the refrigerator.

This medicine will not normally work if you do not do so. Also, It should keep it out of reach of children and pets. Drink medicine before expiry.

To dispose of the medicine, it should not be flushed in the toilet. It can harm the environment. If the treatment expires, consult a pharmacist about how to dispose of it.

In what form is Daflon available?


Live Healthy Eat Healthy

FAQ related Daflon 500 mg tablet

1) Should any particular food intake be avoided with Daflon Tablet?

Answer: Yes, alcohol should be avoided while taking Daflon 500 MG Tablet.

2) Can I consume my stomach after consuming Daflon Tablet?

Answer: Yes, It can take it on an empty stomach, but it can cause stomach discomfort. Therefore, its intake is safe and beneficial after meals. But the advice given by the doctor is important to follow.

3) Does Daflon 500 mg Tablet affect my menstrual cycle (period)?

Answer: No, it does not usually affect the menstrual cycle, but one should always consult a doctor in case of menstrual problems before consuming the medicine.

4) Can I take Daflon 500 mg Tablet along with any other medicine?

Answer: Taking any medicine, along with other medication, is not safe in some cases. Therefore, It should consume this medicine and other drugs according to the doctor’s advice/advice.

5) Is the use of Daflon 500 mg safe for pregnant women?

Answer: Since it is a very sensitive condition, It should not take Daflon 500 without doctor’s advice.

6) Is Daflon 500 safe for children?

Answer: Children’s digestive system cannot digest bullets of heavy doses like Daflon 500 MG. Due to which one can face a lossy situation. So keep children away from it without a doctor’s advice.

7) Is Daflon 500 mg legal in India?

Answer: Yes, it is completely legal in India. Daflon 500 MG Tablet is environment friendly.

8) How long should be the difference between the dose of Daflon 500 MG?

Answer: To avoid Daflon poisoning or overdose, a time interval of at least 6-8 hours must be between two doses. But it depends more on the patient’s condition.

9) How should I store Daflon 500 MG Tablet?

Answer: It should store these tablets in a clean and dry place at the appropriate temperature and pack (air-tight container). It is necessary to keep it out of the reach of children.

10) Can Daflon 500 mg be used to treat mental problems?

Answer: No, but it is used in conjunction with other psychiatric medicines.

Daflon 500 mg 

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