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Brahma Muhurta: In Hinduism, a special time is observed for every big or big event or event. No auspicious event is held without an auspicious time.

Braham muhurta
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In such a situation, Muhurta has special significance in Hinduism. People get special auspicious dates from marriage to marriage, job, travel abroad to buy something new and sell old.

The thinking behind this is that every work has a specific time and by doing it in a good time, the work succeeds.

 What is Brahma muhurta? 

Brahma muhurta
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According to astrology, a table showing the condition of 24 hours a day on an astronomical basis. 

There are 30 Muhurats in 24 hours.  The 30th part of day and night is called Muhurta.  (Brahma Muhurta meditation)

A Muhurta occurs for 2 minutes and 48 minutes between 4.24 am to 5.12 am Brahm Muhurta. 

Regarding the Brahma Muhurta, astrologers say that by getting up in this Muhurta, one gets wisdom, strength, beauty, and health. 

In this Muhurta, the oxygen level in the atmosphere is maximum.  If exercise is done at this time, the body gets pure oxygen. 

The strength of the lungs increases, which purifies the blood.  Exercising at this time provides many benefits to the body.

Brahma Muhurtham time

Braham muhurta
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Although the sun is always above your head, when I say that the sun is right on your head, it means it is perpendicular to your head at that time.

At that time it works especially. This time is from 3.40 to the next 12 to 20 minutes.

Now the question comes, what should we do at this time? Do we meditate or do action at this time?

It does not matter what you do. At this time you should do the same thing in which you have been initiated. (Brahma Muhurta meditation)

Initiation does not mean that you had been taught an action, it means that it has been installed in your system by making your system familiar with this action.

If there is a vibrant seed in your system and if you sit awake in Brahma Muhurta and do any practice, then this seed will give you the most fruit.

The reason is that at this time the earthworks according to your system. If you become aware in a special way, a certain level of awareness comes in you, then you feel comfortable at this time.

If you go to sleep at the right time, you will not need to watch the clock to get up. You will always know when it is 3.40 because your body will start behaving differently as soon as it is time.   

What is the best time for Brahma muhurta?

Brahma muhurta is the second-ultimate muhurta before sunrise. a few human beings agree with it begins at 3:30 AM and ends at 5:30 AM, which isn’t always real.

Brahma muhurta starts 1 hour 36 minutes earlier than dawn, and ends 48 minutes before dawn, lasting for 48 mins.

Brahma muhurta benefits                   

Whatever action you have taken, if you start doing it at this time, you will get the best results from it. (Brahma Muhurta meditation)

Yes, this is not the time to do the action learned by reading a book. This seed that is inside you will start to become disgusted by getting special support at this time or it will grow faster than other times.

This time is suitable only for initiated people. If you are not initiated then it is 3.40 or 6.40 or 7.40 does not matter much.

Evening time is more important for such people. This is a kind of Sandhi period.

When I say that the sun is right on your head, it means it is perpendicular to your head at that time. At that time it works especially. This time is from 3.40 to the next 12 to 20 minutes.   

Sandhya means transition or moving from one situation to another. Twenty minutes before sunrise and twenty minutes after, or twenty minutes before sunset and twenty minutes after, is called evening.

Braham muhurta

The same time comes at noon and midnight, but these two evenings are different.

These four periods of forty minutes in a day are called evening. During this evening your system goes through a special transition. (Brahma Muhurta meditation)

At this time, a certain kind of balance is maintained between the two major nadis (vein)  present in the human body – Eda, and Pingala.

These two evening evenings are good for non-initiated people. While for those who are powerfully initiated, 3.40 is the ideal time. (Brahma Muhurta meditation)

Brahma muhurta meditation

Braham muhurta
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Brahma muhurta time is the best time for meditation because at this time the environment is so calm and pleasant. You can easily meditate in Brahma muhurta between the time of 3:00 AM to 5:00 AM.

What to do in Brahma muhurta?

You can do this thing in Brahma muhurta:

The Brahma Muhurta makes its positive impact on every aspect of life. Every correct work done at this time gives manifold results. (Brahma Muhurta meditation)

Although there is no end to the types of karma in life, there are some works that, if done in Brahma Muhurta, give maximum results than any time of day.

  • The most accurate time for meditation is Brahm Muhurta. At this time the atmosphere is calm, the air is pure and pure. Excuses to wander the mind are not available around.
  • Meditation done with full concentration at this time helps in spiritual purification, which has a direct effect on the physical and mental health of the seeker immediately.
  • If you are a religious person, then the time of Brahma Muhurta is considered to be the most favorable for prayer and prayer.
  • At this time the Gods and Gods themselves travel, so they take the call made by you and give you thousands of times.

The positive impact of Brahma muhurta

  • If you are a student, there can be no better time than Brahma Muhurta for studies. At this time, peace of the atmosphere, the freshness of body, mind, calm mind, and fresh air all together make it possible for the student to study with concentration. The text memorized at this time gets engraved in the brain and is remembered for a long time.
  • In Brahma Muhurta you can also perform Sandhya Vandana (Evening prayer)  in a Vedic manner. At this time, the evening rituals performed by law are very fruitful.
  • Even if you are not interested in religion, go for a walk in Brahma Muhurta for your better health. This illusion will end every health problem in your life with a positive effect than any medicine.

Do not do this in Brahma Muhurta

  • Do not allow any kind of negativity to enter life in Brahma Muhurta. Avoid any type of conversation, debate, tension, quarrel at this time.
  • At this time, food, travel, sex, substance abuse, etc. are also considered prohibited.
  • In the Brahma Muhurta there is an empire of peace, so do not break it under any circumstances. Some people are in a loud voice to worship.
  • Follow this method of worship in the later day. Do not do any work in the Brahma Muhurta, which is noisy because peace of the environment is the specialty of this time and is also very fruitful. (Brahma Muhurta meditation)
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