7 way to get relief from food digestion problem


Relief from food digestion problem: Outside food and fast food have become a part of today’s lifestyle, which has a bad effect on our body’s digestive system.

According to experts, eating small amounts of fennel, ginger, yogurt, and papaya, etc. can keep the digestive system healthy.

If you too are looking for a solution to the problem of stomach gas. If you want to know the remedies to eliminate stomach gas from the root

or for this you take a gas tablet, then you need to take home remedies to remove gas.

Instead of taking English medicine or stomach gas to eliminate stomach gas, try some home remedies … (Relief from food digestion problem)

Nutritionist and dietician Namami Aggarwal and ‘FitPass’ nutrition and dietician Meher Rajput A list of some ingredients to keep healthy.

There are many things present in the kitchen that the digestive system can be kept healthy by eating.

what are the symptoms of the digestive problem?

Repeatedly eating anything upside down directly affects the digestive system. The digestive system gives the body the strength to fight diseases by turning food into energy.

Food is not digested properly due to poor digestion. You may have problems with indigestion, gas, vomiting, abdominal pain, stomach swelling, etc.

(Relief from food digestion problem)

Poor digestion can lead to many serious diseases. How to know that your digestive process is getting worse? (Relief from food digestion problem)

There is no need to get upset, you can know through some signs that your digestive system is damaged, which is very important to get treatment.

Learn about some symptoms of bad digestion or bad digestive system which you can improve digestion.

Common symptoms of digestive system dysfunction are as follows

  • Bad breath: (Relief from food digestion problem)

When the viral curtains do not come out of the body, the bad odor starts coming from the body.

Excessive sweating, smelling on the feet is a sign of poor digestion. Viruses that do not come out of the body get trapped in the skin by going into the bloodstream.

(Relief from food digestion problem)

Which can spoil the smell of the body. In such a situation, foods that remove detox from the body should be consumed. (Relief from food digestion problem)

Sometimes bad smell from the breath is also a sign of a bad digestive system. Even after brushing twice, the breath smells, so get the checkup done immediately.

  • Skin problem: (Relief from food digestion problem)

Stomach upset or lack of cleanliness for a long time means digestive function. When this happens, it damages the skin.

(Relief from food digestion problem)

Acne, psoriasis, or eczema may be the problem. If you want, please consult your gastroenterologist about this.

  • Excessive hair loss: (Relief from food digestion problem)

Hair may also fall due to a poor digestive system. Poor design makes hair weak.

Due to poor digestion system, proper nutrition of food cannot reach your hair, which can cause problems like hair loss, untimely white hair, and thinning of hair.

  • Weak nails: (Relief from food digestion problem)

Prolonged damage to the body affects the body as well as the nails. When the digestive system is impaired.

The waste materials of the body cannot get out, due to which you have any problems. It also includes breakage or roughness of the nails.

 7 way to get relief from food digestion problem

There are many things present in the kitchen that the digestive system can be kept healthy by eating. Know these things in your Rasoi to keep the digestive system healthy …

  • Ginger: (Relief from food digestion problem)

Among the substances used for digestion, the first place is ginger, which helps in digestion and prevents inflammation and chest irritation.

A sip of a mixture of ginger and some lime seeds after eating can keep you from many troubles.

  • Fennel Seed: (Relief from food digestion problem)

The ingredients help reduce stomach gas and improve digestion.

Digestive activity is activated by chewing it or taking it in tea, due to which a diagnosis of chest irritation, stomach, and intestine problems is diagnosed.

 Often, when we go to eat in a restaurant, we think about the same thing after dinner. That thing is a mouth or mouth freshener.

(Relief from food digestion problem)

As soon as the colored fennel dissolves in the mouth after eating, it becomes fun to eat.

 On one hand, it works to freshen the mouth, on the other hand, it is also helpful in digestion.

  • Cumin: (Relief from food digestion problem)

By doing this, various elements of the pancreas are secreted. It contains many nutrients. You can also fry it by grinding it in milk, curd, salad, or soup.

  • Probiotic Milk Products and Digestive Health

Probiotics are microorganisms that overcome many diseases. Consuming them strengthens the digestive system and resistant system.

(Relief from food digestion problem)

By taking them, a diagnosis of bladder infection, skin diseases, and cold is given.

We can take them in the form of curd, kefir (a milk product), and kombucha (a kind of black tea).

  • Does Curd Help In Digestion?

Despite having digestive problems with most products, normal yogurt has the opposite effect.

The probiotic present in it helps in relieving stomach disorders. It provides relief in digestive and gas related problems.

  • Is Oatmeal Good for Digestion?

Is an important source of soluble and insoluble fibers. Nutrient-rich oatmeal is removed in the process of making the dough.

which separates the vitamins, nutrients, and fiber needed for healthy digestion. Oatmeal also helps in running the digestive system smoothly.

  • Papaya for Digestion: Relief from food digestion problem

Papaya is counted in fruits that treat diarrhea and other stomach problems. Eating it provides relief from indigestion, sour belching, and constipation.

(Relief from food digestion problem)

Abdominal disorders are removed by taking it. Banana is one such fruit that is digested quickly and provides immediate energy.

Like papaya, it also contains pectin, which removes stomach disorders.

What is the main reason for the poor digestive system?

Usually, we eat more food in the course of taste. At that time, we have to regret later by eating more.

We do not pay attention to our health but focus more on our work which is not right.

These problems make us weak and we also lose weight – what is the reason:

*. Sit for hours

*. Eat fast food or junk food

*. Failure of routine

*. Not being able to get enough sleep.

*. Stress-related to work or something.

*. Reducing manual labor.

*. Reduction in food and drink.

*. Drink very little water.

*. Excess consumption of tobacco products (alcohol and cigarettes).

*. Take more food.

*. Eating irregularly.

*. Stay up late at night

How to cure the digestive system quickly?

Drink plenty of water – water is valuable for us. Most people drink very little water.

We should drink about 2 liters of water in a day. If your digestive system is not well, then you can also drink more water.

Relief from food digestion problem

It fulfills the amount of water in our body which makes the food easy to digest. So drink water and drink plenty.

Keep your routine right – A human needs to have a good routine. If your routine is not balanced then you will have to face many small problems throughout the day.

You can overcome the digestive system with a better routine. Keep your daily routine right from morning till night sleep.

Take your meal at the right time. If your daily routine is good, then your body will also continue accordingly.

Due to which the digestive system will also get better.

Sleep early at night – Many people wake up late at night due to work and many due to their bad routine.

They do not sleep early and wake up late in the morning. Staying up late at night has adverse effects on the digestive system.

Relief from food digestion problem

So after sleeping at night sleep. If you stay awake till late at night then your digestive system is bound to deteriorate.

The way to avoid this is to change the habit of sleeping late at night.

 Get deep and sound sleep – Sleep has a deep connection with our body. Just as it is necessary for us to eat food, in the same way, sleep is also necessary for us.

 It is also difficult to imagine good health without good sleep. Many people consider themselves to be over-smart and think that they can keep themselves fit even after getting less sleep.

You can do this for a few days, but in the long run, your health will be impaired. That is why you should get a good sleep for 8 to 9 hours a day.

Eliminate stress – Stress has become a big enemy of people today. Stress makes a man hollow inside himself like a termite.

Due to which the person is surrounded by many diseases.

Excessive stress causes the digestive system to deteriorate. Therefore, remove stress from your life.

Say Goodbye to Fast Food – Everyone wants to taste it. In this taste, we eat fast food. Some like it less than some more.

The one who likes it more becomes the victim of the bad digestive system. Sometimes fast food can go on in the month.

Relief from food digestion problem

But if you take fast food daily, then its negative effect will start showing you. Take it in very small quantities and take healthy food instead.

Do the physical work – Most of the digestive system is of poor people who do not do physical work. There are many people whose work is not physical.

Relief from food digestion problem

Such people can do some physical work in their daily routine. If there is no work, then they can get up and walk in the morning.

Can walk on foot or run. Apart from this, one can do sports or cycling.

Eat daily at the right time – Eating at the right time is a sign of good health. From breakfast to dinner your dinner should be fixed.

Our body adapts itself to our daily routine. If we eat food after 1 hour, sometimes after 1 hour, then our food will become irregular every day.

Which upsets our digestive system. Suppose you take your breakfast at 8 in the morning, then take it at the same time every day. Do this at Lunch and dinner too.

Do not decrease in food and drink– It is a problem of many people that when they feel fast hunger, they do not eat anything and when they are not hungry then something keeps getting stuck in the stomach.

Which is wrong, if you are deficient in eating and drinking, then it is difficult to get your health.

Do not stop yourself whenever you feel hungry. Eat something at that time. If you give food to the body during hunger, then the digestive system will also remain good.

Stay away from alcohol and cigarettes – alcohol and cigarettes are not good for our health. Even though you know this, people keep on consuming it.

Relief from food digestion problem

By continuously consuming them, our digestive system is spoiled and many diseases also surround it. Apart from this, keep the distance from tea and coffee too.

Avoid overeating – Taking more food than necessary is not good for our health. Eating too much can cause indigestion. We should eat as much as we are hungry.

Relief from food digestion problem

Many times people eat more food in taste and later they have to repent. You should not do this.

Give priority to your body over food. Taking more food puts more pressure on our digestive system, which is not right. That is why avoid doing this.

Always sit – do not work sitting – if your work is of office, you have to work in front of a computer or sitting in a chair, then you keep taking breaks in between.


If you have to work continuously, take a few minutes every two hours and take a little stroll.

Our food cannot be digested by sitting, as a result, it becomes difficult for our digestive system to handle it.

Avoid eating oily- Day by day Our age increases. It becomes difficult for us to digest oily food.

If we eat Oily food more then it can cause vomiting, indigestion, and sour belching.

Relief from food digestion problem

To avoid them, it is necessary to eat these things in very small quantities. It is difficult to digest oily food.

Therefore, help your digestive system and eat less oily food.

What is the treatment of food digestive system problems?

Relief from food digestion problem: The digestion process is complex and takes place in the digestive system and involves many organs.

It starts with the esophagus which helps the stomach carry food. Many different organs like the pancreas and gall bladder produce digestive juices that help break down food for digestion.

Relief from food digestion problem

Digestion problems can occur at any stage of the digestive process. The gas is formed as a natural discipline of the digestive process and passes through your mouth or our anus.

Some foods produce more gas than others. This is why it is important to avoid taking certain types of food. (Relief from food digestion problem)

The unnecessary build-up of gas in the stomach and intestines can make you feel bloated.

Inflammation can lead to serious complications in the future. This is why it should be treated by incorporating some lifestyle changes.

You can take lactase supplements, alpha-galactosidase, simethicone, and probiotics.

Insults cause heart palpitations and can make you feel uncomfortable. If you suffer from this condition and take some medicines then you can avoid fatty and oily foods and evaporated drinks.

Peptic ulcers cause abdominal pain and can cause internal bleeding and can also form a hole in the abdominal wall. (Relief from food digestion problem)

Antibiotic treatment usually works to alleviate this condition with 10–14 days of acid reduction treatment.

Gallstones are made up of cholesterol and bile salts and in some cases may require treatment.

Removal of the gallbladder can be done through laparoscopy and the mouth or vagina without any external incision. (Relief from food digestion problem)

Other disorders include constipation, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, and others.

However, for acute digestive disorders, the main treatments are islet autotransplantation for gastric electrical stimulation and chronic pancreatitis. (Relief from food digestion problem)

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