7 Best Food for reducing eye dryness and maintain eye health


Food for reducing eye dryness: Healthy eyes are not less than a boon. These are well-known people who begin to look younger with age.

food for Reducing eye dryness

Talking about America, about 48 percent of adults there regularly experience symptoms of dry eyes.

Dry eye causes eye pain, burning, nervousness, and difficulty reading or seeing on screen.

Reducing eye dryness: After sitting in front of a computer screen, it becomes difficult to focus on distant things in the evening.

Today most people are doing work from home and going out is also off. In such a situation, one has to sit on a computer or laptop for hours.

food for Reducing eye dryness

Constant use of gadgets causes headaches and eye strain (headaches and eyestrain). If this happens to you, then you may suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome, CVS.

This requires that eye dryness be eliminated. This is a dryness caused by watery eyes. Foods that contain omega-3, potassium, antioxidants and lots of water are needed to reducing eye dryness.

The eyes also need vitamins and minerals so that the eyes remain healthy and the vision is also correct. So today we will tell you about some foods which will protect the eyes from dryness and reducing eye dryness.

Understand computer vision syndrome or electronic eye pens: Food for reducing eye dryness

Eye surgeon Dr. Vishal Kenia told TOI that ‘CVS is a serious problem for millions of people who spend long hours in front of a computer every day.

It is associated with eye strain and fatigue, temporary weak vision, dryness, irritated eyes, light sensitivity, and muscular problems.

Situation occurs. Which arises from the overuse of a computer. Researchers call it electronic eye pain. “

Symptoms of CVS

  • Headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Blurred vision
  • Eyestrain
  • Irritation
  • Redness of eyes

Approximately 90 percent of people working on computer screens have some symptoms of eye discomfort.

This problem is also happening in India due to the increasing use of computers and mobiles day by day.

Now let us also know about the foods that reduce eye dryness, which you should consume.

What is dry eye syndrome or dryness of eyes?

Dry eye syndrome in Ayurveda has been termed as a dry axis. Due to nutritional deficiencies and improper lifestyle in the diet.

food for Reducing eye dryness

There is a problem with dry axillary, it has eyesight, redness, and difficulty in seeing. Dryness of the disease:

It is caused due to imbalance of Vata, bile, and blood in which growth of Vata and blood is mainly seen.

Omega-3 Fatty Acid:  Food for Reducing eye dryness

Omega-3 fatty acids should be consumed to relieve the dryness of the eyes. There are three different types of omega. (food for reducing eye dryness)

3s which cannot be synthesized in the body and you have to take them from external supplements.

These three acids are eicosopentanoic acid (Eicosapentaenoic acid, EPA), docosahexanoic acid (docosahexaenoic, DHA) and alpha-linolenic acid (alpha-linolenic acid, ALA).

food for Reducing eye dryness

According to the study, consuming food containing omega-3 fatty acids can reduce dryness and irritation in the eyes. (food for reducing eye dryness)

Omega-3s, in particular, reduce inflammation in your eyelids or on the surface of your eye and help the tear to do its job better.

The omega-3 diet that helps the eye glands are called meibomian glands, which make up the oily part of your tear. You can consume the following foods for omega-3 fatty acids.

food for Reducing eye dryness

  • Fresh Tuna Fish
  • Mackerel
  • Salmon
  • Nuts and seeds (between walnuts, pumpkin, flaxseed, chia seed)
  • Vegetable oil
  • Soybeans
  • Green, leafy vegetables

Potassium:  Food for Reducing eye dryness

Potassium is very good for dry eyes. This is one of the important components that sustain the tear film. The tear film is a thin layer of tear that covers the cornea.

A low potassium level damages the tear film and potassium can thicken this layer. Therefore, potassium-rich food should be consumed. like,

  • Banana
  • Sweet potatoes, Potatoes
  • White beans Yogurt
  • Yogurt
  • Soybeans

Antioxidants: Food for Reducing eye dryness

Free radicals in the body can cause dryness in the eyes. Studies have also shown that antioxidants can slow down the process of oxidation by helping to fight these free radicals.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin are also two antioxidants. Which helps to keep eye muscles healthy by helping to correct eye diseases. Therefore, eat foods that are high in antioxidants.

Antioxidant foods are easier to identify because they are darker in color. like,

  • Berries
  • Leafy greens
  • Broccoli
  • Black (Kale)
  • Spinach

Vitamin E: Food for Reducing eye dryness

The antioxidant power of Vitamin E protects the cells of the eye from damage. It also enhances your body’s immunity. (food for reducing eye dryness)

Therefore, consuming vitamin E rich food can improve eyesight and health. At the same time, it also prevents vitamin dryness.

  • Wheat cereal
  • Almonds
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Peanut butter
  • Walnuts
  • Sweet potato

Water: Food for Reducing eye dryness

Water is the world’s most valuable health supplement, available for free. Water helps the body to function properly. Therefore it is greatly needed. It is also beneficial for the eyes.

food for Reducing eye dryness

It is necessary to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily compared to watery food. So always take care of water and drink water continuously.

What causes eye dryness?

There are many reasons behind the dryness of the eyes or lack of moisture in the eyes. like-

  • Long time working on the computer.
  • Long term use of contact lenses.
  • A.C. I sit for a long time.
  • Due to pollution.
  • Use of pain relievers, high blood pressure, and depression relieving drugs.
  • Tears due to inflammation or radiation, any kind of damage to the glands due to which the production of tears is reduced.
  • Vitamin A deficiency.
  • Due to old age, the production of tears at times decreases in people over 50 years of age.
  • Isotretinoin drugs are used to treat pimples.

A human has a tear film. This tiered film consists of three layers. The innermost and thinnest layer of this film is called the mucus layer.

Tears are made up of water, sodium chloride, Susan, and protein in which water is predominantly present. (food for reducing eye dryness)

In Dry Eye Syndrome, tears are either formed in the eye or they are not of good quality.

Tears keep the cornea and conjunctiva of the eye moist and wet and protect it from dryness.

food for Reducing eye dryness

Also, antibacterial substances that prevent tear infection, such as lysosomes, lactoferrin, are present. (food for reducing eye dryness)

The outermost layer of the tear film is called the lipid or oily layer. The lipid layer avoids the problem of tears flying or drying out and provides smoothness to the eyelids, making it easier for a person to blink an eyelid.

In the inner corners of the eyelids, there is a flow in the drainage tubes from the back of the nose.

Dry ice occurs when tears build up and do not balance its exit. People with dry eyes either do not produce enough tears or their tears are of poor quality.

Symptoms of Eye Dryness

Dry eye syndrome has many common symptoms besides dryness of the eyes. Let us know about them in detail-

  • Dryness and itching in the eyes.
  • Feeling of gritty eyes and something falling.
  • Aankho ka dhundhlapan

food for Reducing eye dryness

  • Watery eyes
  • Intolerance of light.
  • The eyes shrink and shrink.
  • Tiredness and swelling in the eyes.

How to Prevent Dry Eye Syndrome

Reducing eye dryness: Eyes are the best gift of nature, so eyes should be looked after. To protect the eyes from dryness, one should not sit in front of the computer for long or use more smartphones, more TV.

See, all of these should be avoided, as well as do not allow direct air in the eyes, put glasses on the eyes in pollution and sunlight.

food for Reducing eye dryness

Include all the nutrients in the diet, mainly vitamin A, which is very important for the eyes.

If the computer has to work for a long time, then at some time, after closing the eyes for some time, relax and add rose water to the eyes and

wash the eyes with cold water. Apart from this, by making some changes in lifestyle and diet, Dry Eye Symptoms can be prevented.

Fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts contain omega 6 fatty acids. Essential fatty acids and nutrients are responsible for the production of water and oil-rich aqueous layers of the eye-tiered film.

According to research, increasing fatty acids, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and D increases tear production within 10 days. Vitamin D is found mainly in nuts such as walnuts.

Avoid lack of exercise, unhealthy lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption, or excessive stress. (food for reducing eye dryness)

Potassium is very low in patients with dry eye. It, therefore, includes wheat seeds, almonds, bananas, raisins, figs, and avocados.

When to See a Doctor? Reducing eye dryness

Due to dryness of the eyes, symptoms like burning, itching, and blurred appear.

which makes it difficult to perform any task. Intolerance to light and gritty eyes obstruct a person’s normal routine.

food for Reducing eye dryness

If home remedies do not provide relief within 4-5 days, then go to the doctor and get dry eye treatment done.

Conclusion: Reducing eye dryness

After all, if there is any problem of dryness or dryness in the eye, then you should see an eye doctor. One can wear anti-clear glasses on the advice of a doctor.

It can protect from the harmful blue light of a laptop or mobile. Also, maintain a proper distance between the eye and the laptop and keep the brightness low. (food for reducing eye dryness)

For more information, you should consult an expert, he will be able to give proper advice after seeing your situation. For other health-related information, keep reading Healthy Nord. Reducing eye dryness

(This information has been given based on various research and study. Before taking anything, please consult the doctor.)
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