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Healthy juices for pregnancy: Are you Pregnant and want to be as healthy as possible without medicines?

If yes, you must read this article because we will tell you about ten such healthy juices for pregnancy in this post, giving you nutrients and health without giving your medicine.

Pregnancy is one of the happiest moments in a woman’s life and is the stage when you need to take care of your health to provide adequate nutrition to your baby.

Healthy juices for pregnancy
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It is also important to be healthy mentally and physically and avoid any complications; you should know what to eat and what foods to avoid.

Drinking fresh fruit juice during pregnancy is a great option, and that is why you have been told in this article about all those juices that drinking during pregnancy will prove to be very beneficial for you.

Why should you drink juice during pregnancy?

It would help if you always drank juice during pregnancy, it gives strength to your body, and it also removes the lack of water in the body.

Eating good fresh fruits and vegetables is considered essential during pregnancy because through them, you can provide the necessary nutrition to your body and the baby in natural ways.

Healthy juices for pregnancy
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By the way, during pregnancy, no woman likes to eat these things. But even if you feel nauseous or do not have the desire, it proves very effective in giving strength to the body.

At the time of pregnancy, every woman should remember that the child in the stomach gets nutritious food properly, and there is no problem of dehydration in the body.

The only way to complete these two things together – fruit and vegetable juice. What kind of juice? Let us tell you further. :

Best and Healthy juices for pregnancy

By the way, you must have read about much single fruit or single vegetable juice.

Still, in today’s article, we will tell you about some Mixed Power Booster Juice, which will remove the deficiency of vitamin in pregnancy and keep away from other diseases.

1.Health Power Booster Juice (Healthy juices for pregnancy)



green grapes


Green apple

Cut all these things into small pieces and make juice in the grinder and drink it.

Its benefits: It caters to vitamin K deficiency during pregnancy. Vitamin K develops the body’s blood, cells, bones, and muscles well and keeps them healthy.

2.Total Body Health Booster Juice (Healthy juices for pregnancy)



Rahila (pear)


Put these three fruits in a grinder and make juice.

Its benefits: It is a juice that is full of vitamins and minerals. It will remove the deficiency of Vitamin A, B, C, E in the body and improve the skin.

Vitamin A is the main way to keep the eyes, heart, lungs, and kidneys healthy. Vitamin B helps the body to get maximum energy from food.

Vitamin C keeps bone, blood vessels, and skin healthy in the body, and vitamin E keeps you from heart disease.

3.Body Refresher Juice (Healthy juices for pregnancy)




coconut water

Grind the litchi and peaches together in coconut water, and drink the juice.

Its benefits: It will give natural sugar to your body, which will give you instant refreshment and coconut water filled with electrolytes will help you to stay hydrated, which is very important during pregnancy.

4.Immune Booster Juice

Healthy juices for pregnancy
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Grind these three fruits together and drink this juice twice a day.

Its benefits: With this juice, your body will get plenty of antioxidants, and at the same time, you will stay away from cold and cold and viral fever.

It will remove Vitamin C deficiency in the body, and this juice will work as an Immune Booster for you.

5.The Magic of Red Juice



sugar beets



Cut all these ingredients into small pieces and grind them to make juice.

Its benefits: This juice is rich in fiber, and with the help of an apple, the digestive system is also good. Also, ginger keeps you away from abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea.

So, friends, these were the five juices that any woman must drink during pregnancy. If you also want to tell you about a good juice, please tell through the comment!

6.Strawberry Juice (Healthy juices for pregnancy)

Healthy juices for pregnancy
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It is one of the best juices for pregnant women.


Strawberries are rich in antioxidants, which helps in improving the immunity of the body. It is also very beneficial in maintaining the natural glow of the skin.

Also, it contains folates, which is very helpful in developing the immunity system of the infant.


Wash the strawberries in cold water and chop them. Grind it in a blender and prepare a thick pulp. You can taste this fine juice by adding ice cubes to it.

7.Beetroot juice benefits in pregnancy

It is the best juice to drink during pregnancy, as it is rich in Vitamin-A and is considered a great option to provide relief to a pregnant woman experiencing any fatigue or weakness.


This juice helps increase energy levels, and iron present in beetroot helps overcome the lack of blood in the body. Add this juice to your routine or consume it as a breakfast supplement.


Cut the beets or beets into pieces and grind them by putting them in a grinder. Add some ice to it and drink immediately. This juice is straightforward to make.

8.Pomegranate juice (Healthy juices for pregnancy)

This healthy juice, due to its many properties, should definitely be included in the diet taken during pregnancy.


Pomegranate juice provides good amount of fiber, vitamin-C and vitamin-K. It helps prevent constipation, which is a common problem occurring during pregnancy.

It also helps your body absorb more iron. It maintains the amount of water in your body and also helps in mental development of the baby.


Grind pomegranate seeds in a grinder. After grinding it well, sieve in a glass. Enjoy by adding ice cubes or without ice.

9.Guava juice (Healthy juices for pregnancy)

Healthy juices for pregnancy
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Being a good source of Vitamin-C, guava juice works as an excellent supplement during pregnancy.


It helps in controlling your blood pressure and blood sugar. It is also beneficial in removing blood deficiency, and at the same time, it helps increase red blood cells.

This juice is rich in ascorbic acid or vitamin-C and helps boost the immunity system of a pregnant woman.


Boil guava in water and allow it to cool. Finely grind guava. To improve the taste, you can add ginger or lemon juice to it. Drink a piece of ice in it.

10.Carrot juice (Healthy juices for pregnancy)

You get the right amount of nutrition by consuming carrot juice; carrot juice is known for many pregnancy benefits.


Carrots are rich in calcium and help in the development of a baby’s bones and teeth.

It is a good source of vitamin-C, A, and beta-carotene, which acts as an antioxidant and protects the mother from free radicals.

The phytochemicals present in carrots help the body function better.


Clean the carrots properly, cut them into small pieces, and grind them by putting them in a juicer. After the carrot is grated well, pour its juice into a glass and drink.

11.Orange juice (Healthy juices for pregnancy)

This fresh juice is rich in vitamin C and folates. Orange also provides iron and zinc, which are essential for strengthening the immunity system.


According to research, orange juice helps in reducing the risk of allergic diseases of any infant.

It helps in the creation of new tissues and red blood cells. It also plays a role in developing the placenta in pregnant women.


Peel the orange and grind it in a grinder. Sieve the mixture before drinking.

12.Lemon juice (Healthy juices for pregnancy)

It is an excellent source of vitamin-C and has powerful antioxidant properties.


During pregnancy, it works well in controlling high blood pressure.

It also controls bowel movements during pregnancy and is known to correct indigestion and constipation problems during pregnancy.


It is one of the easiest juice recipes of pregnancy. Just take one or half lemons, squeeze them in a glass and add water and a pinch of salt or sugar to your liking. Your lemonade is ready.

13.Apple juice (Healthy juices for pregnancy)

Healthy juices for pregnancy
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Apple is rich in nutrients and minerals. Apple juice is one of the best recommended by a doctor during pregnancy.


Apple juice controls your weight during pregnancy and also aids in your baby’s brain development.

It is also known to increase immunity and prevent sleep disorders. Apples are a good source of iron that prevents blood loss during pregnancy.


Peel two or three apples. Now boil the apples and let them cool down. After it cools, grind them in a grinder for about a minute. Add juice to a glass and add lemon juice to enhance the taste.

14.Carrot Beetroot juice in pregnancy

How to make carrot and beet juice

  • Two carrots
  • One beet
  • 1 Amla (Optional)
  • One teaspoon black salt

Prepare carrot and beet juice like this:

Wash and clean the carrot and beetroot first. Remove their stalk, as well as cut off both the top and bottom. After this, cut them into pieces.

Now add carrot, beet pieces and amla (Optional) in your juicer, blend it, and make juice. Then strain it with a sieve and separate the pulp from it.

Carrot and beet juice is ready. Serve it by adding black salt to the glass and enjoy it.

Eat Healthy Live Healthy

FAQ Related Healthy juices for pregnancy

Q.How much water to drink during pregnancy?

Every woman should drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water during pregnancy. These healthy blood cells are necessary to keep the body water-efficient and fluid.

Q.what to drink during pregnancy besides water?

Women can drink healthy juices and fruit juices during pregnancy. You can check our post for healthy juice for pregnancy.

Q.can you drink coffee during pregnancy?

Drinking a lot of coffee during pregnancy, especially black coffee, increases the amount of caffeine and polyphenol in the body, and due to this, black coffee harms the body.

– During pregnancy, caffeine stays in the body for a long time, making caffeine more likely to reach the fetus.

– Everything a pregnant woman eats reaches the child through the placenta. Therefore, by drinking coffee at this stage, caffeine also reaches the child, which can be harmful.

– Caffeine has side effects on a developing fetus. Caffeine can cause delayed development of limbs.

Q.can you drink wine during pregnancy?

No, Because affects the child’s brain, and the child’s cognitive functions are also affected.

We are not saying this. Instead, Bristol University of UK researched and tried to know what effect a pregnant woman has on her child if she consumes alcohol.

 A team of researchers from Bristol University analyzed 23 studies of drinking during pregnancy and found strong evidence that a child who lost drink during pregnancy lost weight at birth. His cognitive functions Are affected.

Q.Is it good to drink coke during pregnancy?

yes. The food requirements agency recommends that pregnant ladies shouldn’t take greater than 200mg of caffeine a day.

A can of Coca‑Cola classic consists of 32mg of caffeine and a can of food regimen Coke carries 42mg.

Q.is it safe to drink honey and lemon during pregnancy?

Lemon consumption can help relieve nausea and vomiting in the course of being pregnant and is commonly a safe choice. but, girls making plans to deal with being pregnant outcomes with lemon should talk to their healthcare company first.

human beings can eat lemon inside the sorts of tea, water, and lemon mixtures, and clean lemon juice.

Q.Is it safe to drink honey and lemon during pregnancy?

Lemon intake can assist relieve nausea and vomiting in the course of pregnancy and is normally a secure option.

but, girls planning to treat pregnancy effects with lemon need to communicate to their healthcare company first. people can eat lemon inside the styles of tea, water and lemon combinations, and sparkling lemon juice. (Healthy juices for pregnancy)

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